AMJ Theatrical Drama & Acting Classes

Shining Stars – Age 4 – 9

Stars aged four to nine are introduced to the performing arts through singing, dancing and acting classes as well as being encouraged to discover their inner talents and confidence. Shinning Stars will develop their singing and musical skills and combine them with movement, touch and expression. They will learn new skills in rhythm and musical timing from early years though to more complex pieces learning to orchestrate music in a group. During their drama sessions they will explore all the different areas of drama and performance from scripted and directed drama and musical pieces to monologues, mime and improvisation. They will start to think about emotion within acting and link real life to their pieces of drama.

Stage Stars – Age 9 – 18

Stars aged nine to sixteen will have the opportunity to write, choreograph, direct and produce their own work from concept to performance including technical and production aspects whilst our professional team are on hand at all times to offer encouragement and support. They will work on larger Film, Television and Musical Theatre projects and will edit and produce their own music and films. They will look at emotion and how to use it correctly within their drama pieces and will begin to use more varied performance spaces and formats. Our Stage Stars really have the opportunity to discover character in greater detail and will work closely with the tutors on understanding and adapting their Drama work to new professional levels. We will teach our Stars a range of Musical Theatre, vocal and dance techniques giving them the ability to pass seamlessly from dialogue, dance and into song.


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