Drama Classes at the Brook Theatre


Drama and Acting classes are one hour or one and a half hours dependant on age. Our top quality and professional training looks at every element of theatre and performance and screen acting. Your child will learn the fundamental differences between acting on stage and screen and how to draw on their own emotions and bring a character to life.
Classes are £5.50 or £6.50 per session and run every Thursday 


Every week at the Brook Theatre we have classes in Drama and camera acting.
All of our Acting and Drama classes incorporate some dance and vocals to give our students the best opportunity when they move onto their next stages of gaining a place in a good further educational Performing Arts College.

Fun and confidence building is at the core of all classes and all our Theatre Stars become the best of friends. Even the shyest of students will end up on stage having the time of their lives and making lasting memorise.


Your child will have the opportunity to perform in two productions per year. Each of our live shows are performed in professional theatres across Kent and Medway which gives your child the chance to experience the excitement of performing live in a theatre. The show fee is very competitive and is one of the lowest in Kent and Medway. The show fee is £40 per year and becomes due in Term five.

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