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Professional Performing Arts Training In Medway

A Few Of Our Favourites 

Michelle Blackmore

"My daughter has been going to AMJ classes for nearly 2 years now. She loves it. Her teacher is brilliant, my daughters confidence is growing all the time and she has made lots of new friends. Watching her in the show each year, is magical. It’s professional and a chance for all the children to shine!"

Tiffany Cunningham

"My daughter started theatre class just before the end of last term and she absolutely loves it and is really looking forward to being in the production in the new year. She’s always been a very confident child but this has brought her even more out of her shell. She spends every chance she gets singing the songs and practicing what she’s learnt so far. Thank you for being so welcoming to her."

Wendy Jones

"AMJ Theatrical is not only absolutely brilliant at bringing out the best in my daughter, (who has only been there a few short months), but is also definitely the best value. They don't charge the earth to be able to do something they love so much and an amazing opportunity to be on stage, a dream come true! Cannot praise them highly enough!"

Emma Beaumont

"These classes have brought back my confident, happy boy who now knows there’s a place where he fits and has helped him over come needing his comfort from his twin. His confidence has grown and with the help of singing lessons has found his voice. Being here has helped him tremendously with confidence, making new friends & decision making based on what he wants and not what others influence."

Mel Tyler

"My son started here last term and loves it. He’s noticeably grown in confidence and is already looking forward to returning in the September. I’m impressed with all the words and moves he has learnt and remembered so far. We are looking forward to seeing him in January’s production.. Adam and his team are obviously doing a fabulous job!"

Hakan Sozveren

"Absolutely brilliant. My song enjoys every minute of his classes and it has helped him develop into an extremely confident young man."

Sarah Elizabeth

"My 9 year old daughter can’t wait for her AMJ session every Friday. She loves the mixture of things they do at a session; acting, dancing and singing. The staff are amazing and supportive. She has made some great friends and generally has a great time, whilst learning about theatre. She is looking forward to being part of High School Musical, as she loves performing on the stage."

As Dileta

"AMJ Theatrical is absolutely amazing! My child has been going and has enjoyed it so much her confidence has built up and now she's much more outgoing. It's also good for me (the parent) because it isn't expensive like some other companies. It is very affordable and great fun for the kids."

Kirsty Jane

"My 2 girls are loving AMJ so much! They run to get to class and come away full of all the exciting things they have done. Their confidence has soared and the teachers are very approachable, accommodating and welcoming to all the children. All the children are greeted by their name when they arrive instantly making them feel safe. The children are learning such a vast variety of theatre craft i cant wait to see their version of Annie! Keep going AMJ"