How AMJ Theatrical Began

In 2016 I decided that I wanted to make quality and professional Drama, Dance and Musical Theatre tuition affordable. With many big companies charging hundreds of pounds every month making it unaffordable for many families, I wanted to create a business that allowed all children an opportunity to explore Performing Arts.

With 23 years experience in the Performing Arts industry I had a vision to create a business set up that would allow all of our students to perform live on stage every year to show off their talents to friends and family. From 2020 our students will not only perform in our annual musical but will perform live on stage twice a year! Every week our students are taught by industry professionals with a varied and diverse set of talents.

In 2016 the company offered just Drama lessons one day a week. Seven years on AMJ Theatrical Academy of Performing Arts now offer Drama, Musical Theatre, Street & Commercial Dance, Lyrical & Contemporary Dance and Vocal Training. We also offer private sessions in all our disciplines. Now in our seventh successful year, all our Creative Team and students are looking forward to our next production of Matilda the Musical!

Adam Jones

Academy Principal

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